Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Travels of Nobbler the Wanderer.

 Day one. The beginning.

Today I have started playing Elite Dangerous for the first time. I used to play the original game of Elite many years ago on my Sinclair Spectrum and so wished to see how the game has improved since then.

As someone who is not very dexterous, I have been trying the tutorials so that I can learn to dock without crashing. Eventually I managed to succeed, though I still tend to get sea sick from the rapid changes in orientation that occur before finally docking.

Since the game covers 400,000,000,000 or so star systems, my plan is to see what I can do to explore this vast space. The aim of this blog is to report my progress in this endeavour.

The first part of my plan is to earn sufficient cash to enable me to purchase and equip a ship that will enable me to start my wanderings. Due to my failure to shoot down anything in the tutorials, the obvious route to economic success is to become a trader.

To help me in this first part, I have come across a tool called:  "Slope's Best Profit Calculator". This tool, as its name suggests, enables a trader to identify which items to purchase at a space station and where to sell them so that the maximum profit is obtained under he constraints of your ship and budget. If this tool works, I look forward to rapidly gaining the funds required.

 At the end of my first day, I have made 4 trading runs. t the end of it, my cash has increased from its initial value of 1000 credits to 3500 credits. Not a bad start for someone who can barely dock a ship.

Today's top tip. I found that a couple of times, I landed my ship in the correct bay, but the space station didn't register me as being docked. I found out that this was due to my ship not facing the correct direction. It would seem that the ship has to face the control tower before docking is complete. Now that I know that this is a requirement, I see to dock a lot easier now.

Despite this, a docking computer is still one of the luxuries that I look forward to purchasing.

I look forward to seeing how quickly my cash increases with the limited cargo space of my first ship.

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