Saturday, 18 July 2015

Day 6: Pass the sunscreen please

Suns are hot.

Who would have thought it. After losing my cargo yesterday and setting back my road to riches so that I dropped from 66k to 6k, today I aimed to get back on track.

I started by updating Slopey's BPC for the system of Yakbugai. After typing in all the values, into the app (the OCR wouldn't work on my screenshots - apparently they are too low quality and the default colour scheme seems designed to make life awkward for OCR), I noticed that teh values that were captured in the app were nothing like those shown in the screen. SO I re-typed the values in again. At least the BPC had current prices for this station for the rest of the evening.

I started my trading runs off in good spirits, until I got caught by a star again. This time, destroying my ship. Fortunately, I had a decent amount of cash behind (I had been keeping a float of at least 6k each trip), so I only dropped from 30k to 12k.

Today key learning is to avoid having a conversation when coming out of hyperspace.

The rest of evening was uneventful and I able to increase my cash to 48,778Cr. In the process I have swapped my basic discovery scanner for another cargo rack and purchased a heat sink launcher.

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