Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Day 10: Getting Faster

As the next set of days look like they will be dedicated to earning more cash, I tried some ways to speed up the process of travelling between systems. These included:
  • When setting the destination, just selected the system from the global map (if it wasn't in the local list).
  • For multiple jumps, try setting the destination using the "fastest" route. If there is not enough fuel for the fasted route, but there is for the economic route, start the journey using the economic route, then change it to fastest part way though the journey.
  • When performing a series of jumps, don't wait for the engine to cool down before staring the next jump - as long as the temperature is not getting too high.
Two more runs were completed again today, netting around 900k each. This brings my total to 5.35M credits.

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