Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 5: setback

As usual, I started the day with a search for good routes using slopey's BPC tool. A good pair of planets were around 90LY away. With the new drive, this only took a few jumps and so I was quickly down to making more cash.

Unfortunately, during one jump, I said too close to a star and took on heat damage. As a result, I lost my cargo. I will let you imagine my unhappiness when I finally docked, paid for the repairs and found that I had no cargo to sell. As a result my cash dropped from 66,642 to 6682. Just as well I had kept some in reserve - primarily for the insurance on my ship, but to act as cash reserve to start to build up my wealth again it is also invaluable.

After 1 more run, I started the day with 34,119 Cr and ended it with 9,421 Cr. Not a perfect result.

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