Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day 4: The long haul

Today I started with 31,784 credits. After a long day's trading, I have ended up with 34,254 credits in the bank.

Admittedly, a long day's trading is only 5 1/2 round trips and along the way I sold my ship and purchased my first new ship: A hauler.

I have outfitted my shiney new hauler with:
  • Updated frame shift drive: C2
  • A docking computer. It has made life so much easier and I haven't suffered anything like a glitch with it so far so I am continuing to use it.
  • enhanced cargo pod. swapping the E2 (4 tons) with a E3 cargo rack of  8 ton capacity.
  • Selling the weapons and using the shields slot for the docking computer.

By selling the guns, I reduce my weight and so extend my range a bit. As I plan to run in the case of any problems, this is not an issue.

As a result, my cargo capacity is now 12tons and range is 16.55LY (laden) to 11.97 LY (laden).

A key new aspect is that I now need to keep an insurance fund of 3810 Credits to buy-back my ship if it gets destroyed.

With this new ship I have started well on my trading career.

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