Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Day 3. Trading in earnest

Having spent so much time getting to Isleta for the promised windfall, today was spent trading between Isleta and Nornari. At around 3.5k per round trip, I have kept on looking for alternative routes, but the lack of distance on my current hyperdrive engine greatly restricted my options.

After After about 5 round trips, my funds had increased from 23,562Cr to 47,163Cr. To get anywhere at this rate would take a very long time. I therefore opted to purchase an improved hyperdrive (FSD) for 17.8k. This opened up many more trading options and so my last run of the evening promised a far larger round trip profit of around 5.5k instead of 3.5k.

With my longer jump capaility, I'll seek out more profitable journeys next time.

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