Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 15: Nearly there

Started my day with 11.6M credits and finished with 13.4M credits. As usual this was achived in two legs/ runs, ie one leg starting a Kamcabe, visiting the nearby ststems and selling at V595 Lyrae. The second leg working my way acros th system, ending at Altair and then selling at Kamcabe.

Having noticed that systems with high production rates are more efficient (who would have thought), these runs were far quicker. However, a single leg still takes about 2 hours. I have started taking statistics on how long each jump, each docking and each selling takes so that I have the information required to set up a travelling salesman optimiser, should I need to do this again.

As my fully kitted out ASP-explorer required around 14.7M (including the 5% insurance), I should make this with tomorrow's trips.

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