Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 9: This look familiar

The day started with 1.7M credits. After a trip that ended at Kamcabe, I had 2.66M Cr and the return journey brought me up to 3.51M Cr.

A good day's trading. Even the journey's of 10 or 20 jumps are getting easier - no close calls today - except when the computer decided to switch focus away from the game to something else - not fun when you have just come out of hyperspace and are approaching a sun.

It is currently taking between an hour and 90 minutes to fill the cargo hold with the 56 tons of rare items and around 30-40 minutes to take them to the market to sell.

During the long journeys, I have been toying with the ideal configuration for my Asp Explorer. My current favourite can be found here: Configured Asp Explorer

At a full cost of  15.4M Credits, at around 900k Credits per leg, it will take me around 14 more runs to pay for my Asp and insurance.

At 2 runs an evening, it will take me a week before I can start some serious exploring.

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