Saturday, 18 July 2015

Day 7: I'd like mine rare please

It would seem that there are items being sold that are considered "rare". These items only occur in a single space port and can be sold for vast profits when they are transported long distances.

A video showing such a trip, which netted > 1M credits for the owner can be found here.

I tried a route mentioned in the comments, ie:

The rare items present at different locations can be found here.

After the first leg, which netted around 300k, I upgraded the FSD (frame shift drive, aka hyperdrive) to the top of the range as well as upping my cargo capacity to the maximum of 20tons), so ending up with a total left of of 201k.

The second leg of the round trip was made a lot easier through the increased jump distance of my new hyperdrive. While the planets used to collect the rares for the second half of the trip were close neighbours, the journey to V595 Lyrae took 25 jumps, including a refuelling stop.

This route saw my cash leap to 521,590 credits. Using this new wealth, I sold my hauler and purchased a Cobra Mk. III.  I also upgraded my new ship with cargo space, fuel tanks and enhanced FSD. By the end of my spending spree I had 131,800 Cr in the bank and a very nice ship.The only item missing was a docking station - as I found out when I jumped to my first port of call. As this port didn't sell docking computers, I had to find and fly to one that did. After this scary aspect, I re-traced the first leg of the rare goods route.

With the enhanced cargo space, I could carry 49 rare items along the long, final journey of 37 jumps. Fortunatly, the enhanced fuel tanks meant that I could perform this journey without fuel stops.As a result, the final, long, leg took around 30 minutes for the 37 jumps and meant that my final bank balance was 845,718Credits.

A good days work.

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