Thursday, 23 July 2015

Day 11: Somebody else must have put it there officer

Started the day with 5.35M Credits. Ended with 6.19MCr.
It is taking several visits to each station at the purchasing end before the cargo hold is full. I have therefore started to look at alternative places to purchase rare goods.

A good 3D map of rare items can be found here: rares-systems-3d-map. This pointed me to the spreadsheet that contained the source for the information. A few moments with excel allowed me to get the information into a simple format that I copied and pasted into my favourite data visualisation tool: Data Warrior.

This allows me to examine the relative location of all the systems that sell rare items and then filter on key properties, eg distance of the station from the sun. I then used the data from eddb to obtain the coordinates of the systems where I sell my items. From looking at the results, it would seem that the group of systems around Lave are well situated. however, the other set of systems are suboptimal.

As I was around Altair at the time, I stopped at Kappa Fornacis to fill the last 3tons of cargo space, having identified it from the rare commodities list. Unfortunately, I didn't check the description. I therefore only realised that the final cargo of "Onion Head" was illegal in most systems when I got fined upon leaving my mid way refuelling station. However, the fine was only 6,300Cr, so didn't affect my profit. What was more upsetting was that I had to dump the cargo to avoid more fines in every place that I visited since I could sell it at my usual places.

A link to the rare goods 3d map in dataWarrior format can be found here.

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