Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 16: Does my Asp look fat in this?

Sorry, I have been working on that title for some days now - this gives an idea of teh level of boredom when travelling to and fro across the space lanes to cellect rare goods and sell them at over-inflated prices.

Today I reached my first goal: to be able to afford and kit out my Asp-explorer.

The configuration for my Asp can be found here. key features are a top range engine, fuel scoop, decent fuel capacity and top sensors. General information about my new ship can be found here.

My two commercial trips at the start of the day meant that my bank balance went from 13.4M to 15.2M. This dropped somewhat after purchasing my shiny new ship, especially as I decided to keep my old Cobra in storage, as opposed to trading it in.

Now that I have my exploration vessel, the key question, to quote the immortal words of Buffy the vampire Slayer: "Where do we go from here?"

With the galaxy to explore, there are a lot of possibilities. I think I will start with some simple trips to nearby objects or regions, before embarking upon long trips to the galactic core, the rim or the full circle.
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