Monday, 13 July 2015

Day two. Docking computer

Having learnt how to use Slopey's BPC (best profit calculator) I have had a good day's trading. I started the with around 3300 credits and ended the day with 14,000 credits. Best of all, I managed to purchase a docking computer for 4,500Cr.

I have found that the docking computer has made life so much easier. Beforehand, docking took a long time and was a big struggle. Now it is as simple as getting to within 7 km of the starbase and requesting permission to dock. As long as my speed is low enough, the docking computer takes over and lands me within a minute. No more painful struggles to align myself with the entrance to a space station or searching for my landing pad while spinning around like a demented dervish. Now I just pop out of frame shift drive, potter towards the starbase and request permission. As long as I don't get bored with the familiar music of the "Blue Danube Waltz" I should be fine.

After earning my first 10k, I wondered how far I could push Slopey's tool. I therefore did a search to see what was the best run for me between any two pairs of planets near to each other. I was amazed to see that there was a run that yielded a trip profit of 35k.

I therefore plotted a course to the profitable system of Isleta - a journey of 41 jumps. Today's learning experience was to check that you have sufficient fuel to continue. I soon learnt to examine the galactic map to see which systems contained a population and so a chance to refuel.

Eventually, after many refueling stops I reached Isleta and purchased my cargo. Next stop is the neighbouring system of Nornari to sell my valuable goods.As I approach the system, the key question is whether Slopey's BPC is correct and I am about to make a massive gain.

The answer is "No". I make a profit of a few hundred per item. Oh well, perhaps tomorrow will bring my fortune,

At least the journey hasn't been in vain. I have sold the data on the systems I have travelled through to get here. As a result, I end the day with 23,562 credits.

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