Monday, 31 August 2015

Day 28: Return to Altair

The journey of 4,967 light years from the Crescent Nebular back to the Altair system went relatively quickly.

Upon docking, I sold the information on the systems that I visited for 4.75M credits. This brought my bank balance up to 10.4M credits and my explorers status up from Trailblazer (91%) to Pathfinder (34%). The Exploration ranks are reproduced below, taken from elite-dangerous.wikia.

Rank Profit Required
Aimless 0
Mostly Aimless 10,000
Scout 184,141
Surveyor 571,000
Trailblazer 2,225,000
Pathfinder 5,500,000
Ranger 18,100,000
Pioneer 55,500,000
Elite 160,500,000

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