Sunday, 2 August 2015

Day 22: Return from the Heart and Soul

The navigation spreadsheet used to navigate my way to the Heart nebula was also used to navigate my way back in 1,000 ly legs. I finally docked back at Solo station in the Altair system after travelling 15,000 light years, along with another 1-2,000 ly wandering around the two nebulae.

As I scanned each system that I visited on my journey, performing a detailed scan on many planets of systems that hadn't been explored before.

Having sold my cartographic data at Altair, my bank balance increased from 1.42M Credits to 5.65M credits and my explorer rank increased from surveyor (0%) to Trailblazer (85%). I also the first to discovered 75 new objects (or systems).

First new discovery.

the key question now is where do I go next? Do I join The First Great Expedition, or wander about some more.

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