Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day 23: Through the Veil

Having successfully returned from the trip to the Heart and Soul nebulae, I started looking for the next choice destination.

Ultimately, I plan to join up and, hopefully assist with, The First Great Expedition. But before launching into that, I wish to build my skills at exploring as well as visiting some of the common sights.

After wandering the Galactic map, I caught sight of a wonderful blue Nebula; the Bubble Nebula. A beautiful picture of the real object can be seen here.

As it is around 7k ly away, I used the same technique as employed for my trip to the Heart and Soul nebulae, ie to use Excel to calculate 1000ly jumps so that these could be plotted out in detail by the in-build sat-nav system.

One main difference to my previous trip is that I had found the EDDiscovery tool. This reads my log files to capture the systems I have visited. It will also produce a nice 3D map of them.

As the coordinates for systems needs to be added, I have been using the ed-systems web site to calculate and record the location of new star systems.

I noticed that a nice way-station on the way to the Bubble Nebula is the Veil Nebula. At only 1.4kly it didn't take too long for my 30ly steps to make my way there, While I use my advanced discovery scanner on each system I visit, I only record the location within ed-systems when I stop to re-fuel.

My day ended up in the Veil nebula, enjoying some of the incredible views from my cockpit window: Veil nebula

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