Sunday, 2 August 2015

Day 19: Heart and Soul nebulae

When examining the galactic map, I noticed a twin nebula about 7,500 light years away. As this sounds like a good distance for my next journey. It should give me good experience of what space is like far away from the human sector.

One issue in negotiating to the heart nebula is that the internal route finder can only be used for routes to systems less than 1,000 light years away. I produced a spreadsheet that enabled me to identify the approximate locations of systems at 1,000ly steps between Altair and a system in the heart nebula. The spreadsheet can be found here:

While about half way to the heart nebula I noticed a strange series of stars. This looked like a series of stars in a straight line in the vicinity of the nebula NGC 7822. After some time spent trying to identify its location as the stars called S171 <x> where x is a small integer. As there is an article on them describing their makeup they are unlikely to be a good location of new discoveries.

A view of these stars can be found here.

Finished the day halfway through the journey to the heart nebula.

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